Projects and Campaigns

Winter Cycling Federation aims to promote winter cycling globally. Our projects and campaigns aim to do just that and help winter cities around the world enable better conditions for year round cycling.


Project description

At the present there are no specific strategies, guidelines or manuals how to plan, execute and maintain optimal winter cycling facilities. The world of winter cycling is still largely unfolding, but awareness is slowly growing and best practices do exist. Winter Cycling Federation (WCF) project "winter cycling manual" aims to put all the best practices together and come up with a book that tells it all. The project starts in February 2015 and takes approximately 2 years to complete. WCF is looking for funding to realise the project. 

Who's in it?

WCF acts as a project management body for this project. So far we have Finnish Cyclists Union, Network of Finnish Cycling Cities, Cykelfrämjandet from Sweden, Syklistines Landsforening from Norway, Tampere University of Technology and VTI from Sweden are taking part. WCF is looking for more interested organizations to participate. WCF is also planning to give everyone a chance to contribute by allowing comments on Manual drafts on our website. So stay tuned!   


Campaign description

Just check it out at Created, organised and run by Winter Cycling Federation board member Anders Swanson, his brother and a team of mercenaries from their secret headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada. Wicked!