Winter Cycling Federation

Founded in 2014, the Winter Cycling Federation is an international non-profit, dedicated to achieving more and better winter cycling in communities around the globe.

Our Vision

Winter Cycling Federation's vision is winter cycling for everyone — a world where cycling is understood as a normal and practical transportation option for people of all ages and abilities year round.

Our Mission

Winter Cycling Federation's mission is to create opportunities for inspiration, research and collaboration. We help cities and countries around the world foster bicycle-focused transportation year-round.


Our primary goal is to normalize cycling in the winter, everywhere. We achieve it by:
  • Sharing stories, images and other examples of where cycling in winter is already normalized.
  • Hosting fun, meaningful and inspiring international events aimed at all ages.
  • Sharing the best design and techniques that currently exist.
  • Foster innovation where needed.
  • Measuring winter cycling rates and trends around the world.
  • Fostering a community of practitioners and interested experts.
  • Keeping everyone informed and excited while involving the public meaningfully.
  • Supporting our partners in business, art, health, and all other sectors.




We are Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, the winter cycling capital of the world, and run by a volunteer board with members from snowy countries around the world.
For all inquiries please email
For European and Asian media inquiries, please call Timo Peralä
For North American media inquiries, please call Anders Swanson
Our mailing address
Nummikatu 34, 90100 Oulu, Finland